Mitchell Hynes

I provide: Consultancy, Guidance, Implementation

Consultancy, Guidance, Implementation

I work together with organisations of all sizes to build apps people want to use. Your app isn’t sticking because users dont like inefficient, buggy UX.

It’s my job to help provide value for your users.

Consultancy engagements are designed for specific clients and projects, but they all combine some or all of the following:


For lighter-touch guidance and advice, we can schedule 90-minute consultations to answer your most pressing questions: want to work out what bad UX is costing your business? Need to know where you should focus your efforts first as a startup? Looking for help troubleshooting specific React issues? Let’s get your answers.

Consultations are a great idea if:

If we go on to work together more fully after our initial consultation, it gets discounted from your first consultancy invoice. Win-win, no risk!

A consultation is not just a call—when you schedule a consultation, I’ll ask you to provide me with any relevant research, homework, and tasks so that I can fully prepare for our meeting. Want me to look over some wireframes? You got it! Need me to debug some stuff? Send me a URL. Need help with an ESLint config? I’m on it!